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how we work

Our Design Process in Four Steps

We start with requirement gathering phase that refer to understanding the user and what her goals are and what are the current practices. In this phase the designer aims to understand how the user is currently completing the task

In the second phase, designing alternatives, we are able to develop novel interfaces to successfully complete the task. Once you understand the users, their goals, and their current practices (i.e., the problem space) you are able to take this data and develop various design options that will improve the user experience.

Techniques for modelling the novel designs before a final version is produced in the third phase, the designer takes the best designs from phase two and actually builds models or prototypes that the user will be able to engage with. These models meet core aspects of the task.

In the fourth phase, we take one of the designs from phase three and we actually test the system’s usability and usefulness with either users or experts who can provide us with feedback about how to improve the system.

Let me put it this way: we have built a grand and impressive building. But without LTS’s insights, we would be stuck on the ground-floor forever.

Artur Kryzan

Team Leader and CX Manager

With LTS, we’re now releasing many more features than we used to. LTS has been the best agency we’ve worked with so far.

Adi Pavlovic

Director of Innovation

LTS has an incredible remote culture. It really makes working together easy. It doesn’t feel like an external team, it feels like we’re just working together.

Dally Sing

Chief Product Officer
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